Diving into the past, exploring our roots!

#tdc762 the assignment consisted in making an exploration video, so I made this video “an expedition” in the former residence of my grandparents, with my family aunts, cousins, sisters, and kids.

I used Google Earth, Screen-O-matic, photographs, and Corel a video making editing software. I originally added Elvis Presley song Memories, as it fits the theme, however, I found that I was not allowed to use the sound track. So, I added a free music track, a feature that You Tube offers. The track’s title is Morning Mood by Grieg.

My mistakes enable me to evolve as a better digital storyteller.

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Dream Scape 106 Radio Show_ the Backstage

My reflections on our radio show Dream Scape 106 would be summed up in three main issues:

  1. Why the topic of dreams
  2. My experience in the project
  3. Challenges

Concerning the choice of dreams as a project, I was fascinated by this world, it’s mysterious and universal. I had a lot of questions and mainly how could the mind create stories, when the person is supposed to be unconcious with such a complexity of the aesthetics that a narrative requires from the characters, the settings, and the plot whether there’s a logic or not in that, was worth thinking about!

My experience was chaotic!

It was all new to me; starting from using google docs to collaborate with my team members to producing the show, to accepting to be called for the live European premiere radio show! (first time that I use Skype for a live radio talk.)

I made podcasts before using audacity and podomatic to use for teaching English to my students, by that I mean recording, editing and sharing. However, I didn’t pay much attention to the quality of my makes…

After people from ds106 joining and leaving the team, Sandy, Karen, and me started to collaborate. Sandy proposed to be the host of the show, and she would interview Karen because they were teaching in the same school. As for me, I talked about dreams as they were perceived from my cultural perspective, not so interesting as it was so short. It was short not because I didn’t have what to say…but because of the delicacy of cultural issues and people judgements!

What I gained from the project as a whole was to walk out from my comfort zone towards opening up to the others in ds106… Learning skills that transformed me literally from a mere consumer to a creator, though there’s still a lot to learn…

The biggest challenge was to finish on time for the premiere.  Besides there’s also the distance obstacle and I mean our different time zones as I was in Tunisia and Sandy in Oregon, it was difficult to work synchronously. Another challenge is a technical one, how to  make my bumper, commercial, and my talk, how would that be in the norms of the topic and the theme… I knew that in ds106 there are helpful people, but I was embarassed to ask questions that might seem ABCs, since the course is rather for advanced skilled learners.

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Modified web page with X-ray Goggles

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I discovered today …

Writing tdc666 cropped_Fotor

… Working on my radio commercial using audacity, which I previously had used but in a simplistic way, I discovered a range of options and effects it offers its users. Today I discovered, how audacity will help me create the voice for the persona we were asked to create in one of the assignments – I lost track of which one precisely.

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Headless ds106 Week 9: Stories in/of the Web

I participated in Mozilla Webmaker and I learned using hackasaurus toolkit, this summer. For this assignment, Headless ds106 Week 9: Stories in/of the web, I decided to share my Nobel Prize with you ds106ers… Believe it or not, I’m the winner of the newly created Nobel Prize for Creativity, and this is thanks to the wonderful mozilla X-Ray Goggles…have a look and ignite your creativity to win the prize

Modified web page with X-ray Goggles

Modified Web Page Using X-ray Goggles

I used Gimp for screen capture and Fotor to crop the images and both are used offline

The Nobel Prize for Creativity “fake” webpage http://p.webremixes.org/mnhzlpdt

For the process of using the X-ray goggles,  I had added the app to my toolbar, then I logged in to The Nobelprize.org   and modified  the title of the article, and added an image of me holding a Barbabright from the Barbapapa family and a certificate that I earned for attending a workshop about being “The Adaptable Teacher”. As X-ray goggles enables it’s users to modify content of a webpage in addition to titles and images, I could hack the page content and modify the text to add my name and other facts… That’s not all, getting a prize that doesn’t exist in life and on the webpage wouldn’t be good for my image…so I added the prize that I pretend winning  to the sidebar containing the list of all the Nobel Prizes and voilà

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It’s The Jobs, Stupid!

It’s The Jobs, Stupid!.

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Crash Bang

PS: scroll down this post at the right side of the screen play the sound cloud “arabian music” to put you in the mood 🙂

     Umm…well… Storytelling what does the word mean to me?

    A lot of things… it’s like a picture in my head…

    My early memories of storytelling go back to the time when I was a little girl, and nanny, with her unique scent, who would tell me her entertaining stories full of lessons, morals, wisdom and empathy… It also go back to bedtime when I used to be too terrified to go to sleep; afraid of ghosts and things like that.

76094_311672375639834_1787851439_nlink to the image source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-sHcaCjHwxxw/Uaw8anmp6SI/AAAAAAAAHlE/SDnHTLeFvO8/s1600/931184_360112890756113_1516579721_n.jpg

…To cheer myself, I kind of zap to another channel inside my mind, visualizing a fairy world, a world for myself, starting to knit stories from scratch, believing in my crafts, as if I created another dimension for the few minutes before sleeping…and I would fall asleep on those images.

    Another image that I recall for the word storytelling is that of a famous storyteller, in a programme broadcast by night, telling stories ‘falktales’ … Strangely,  I remember the sound of the bang announcing the beginning of a story, it echoes in my ear every time the word storytelling is pronounced. Below is the link  to an episode of a story told by Abdlaaziz al Arwoui (the iconic Tunisian storyteller) ‘The Grasshopper and the Bird’


  When I grew up, I discovered another icon of storytelling, “Shehrazed”, the storyteller of 1001 Arabian Nights, with her intriguing stories, capturing the Sultan’s heart and the listeners’ attention…

   Getting older, at university, I discovered another fold of storytelling. Studying English and specialising in Literature enabled me to see it from another perspective. I discovered that it was more complex than just the telling of a story. It encompasses the mere structure of the story, the characters, the plot and the aesthetics of a narrative… it is the culture, and the cultural heritage, the self, the other, the gender, the stereotypes and even more.

    My cognition of the word kept evolving, and it will evolve even more after the ds106 course. From my early childhood to this moment things have changed, technology altered our perception of everything… Storytelling is not an exception…

   In the 21st century and the digital age, storytelling has become digital storytelling, a story the readers are part of… The association of the term digital to storytelling is very communicative. As I’m not an expert, I guess that digital relates to the aesthetics of storytelling, the means helping in the craft of the final product, web2.0 tools I guess.

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