Crash Bang

PS: scroll down this post at the right side of the screen play the sound cloud “arabian music” to put you in the mood 🙂

     Umm…well… Storytelling what does the word mean to me?

    A lot of things… it’s like a picture in my head…

    My early memories of storytelling go back to the time when I was a little girl, and nanny, with her unique scent, who would tell me her entertaining stories full of lessons, morals, wisdom and empathy… It also go back to bedtime when I used to be too terrified to go to sleep; afraid of ghosts and things like that.

76094_311672375639834_1787851439_nlink to the image source:

…To cheer myself, I kind of zap to another channel inside my mind, visualizing a fairy world, a world for myself, starting to knit stories from scratch, believing in my crafts, as if I created another dimension for the few minutes before sleeping…and I would fall asleep on those images.

    Another image that I recall for the word storytelling is that of a famous storyteller, in a programme broadcast by night, telling stories ‘falktales’ … Strangely,  I remember the sound of the bang announcing the beginning of a story, it echoes in my ear every time the word storytelling is pronounced. Below is the link  to an episode of a story told by Abdlaaziz al Arwoui (the iconic Tunisian storyteller) ‘The Grasshopper and the Bird’

  When I grew up, I discovered another icon of storytelling, “Shehrazed”, the storyteller of 1001 Arabian Nights, with her intriguing stories, capturing the Sultan’s heart and the listeners’ attention…

   Getting older, at university, I discovered another fold of storytelling. Studying English and specialising in Literature enabled me to see it from another perspective. I discovered that it was more complex than just the telling of a story. It encompasses the mere structure of the story, the characters, the plot and the aesthetics of a narrative… it is the culture, and the cultural heritage, the self, the other, the gender, the stereotypes and even more.

    My cognition of the word kept evolving, and it will evolve even more after the ds106 course. From my early childhood to this moment things have changed, technology altered our perception of everything… Storytelling is not an exception…

   In the 21st century and the digital age, storytelling has become digital storytelling, a story the readers are part of… The association of the term digital to storytelling is very communicative. As I’m not an expert, I guess that digital relates to the aesthetics of storytelling, the means helping in the craft of the final product, web2.0 tools I guess.


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6 Responses to Crash Bang

  1. mdvfunes says:

    You did it! you managed to get the sound on the post when your readers arrived on it! well done you 🙂

  2. A good storyteller is able to evoke images in the mind of the listener. Myou have done exactly that. I love the Arabian music!

  3. Ary Aranguiz says:

    Hi Hayfa, I enjoyed reading this post. I like how you included links and aspects of your cultural heritage to express what storytelling means to you and to show the universality of storytelling. I hope to learn more with you in ds106! #talkingheadless106

    • haymajd says:

      Gday, Ary Aranguiz! First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my post, I’m pleased that you like it. Actually, storytelling is as old as humanity, a primitive art that goes back to the rock art, being considered as way of storytelling. Yes all humans have a need to communicate, and to tell stories. That makes storytelling universal.

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