Dream Scape 106 Radio Show_ the Backstage

My reflections on our radio show Dream Scape 106 would be summed up in three main issues:

  1. Why the topic of dreams
  2. My experience in the project
  3. Challenges

Concerning the choice of dreams as a project, I was fascinated by this world, it’s mysterious and universal. I had a lot of questions and mainly how could the mind create stories, when the person is supposed to be unconcious with such a complexity of the aesthetics that a narrative requires from the characters, the settings, and the plot whether there’s a logic or not in that, was worth thinking about!

My experience was chaotic!

It was all new to me; starting from using google docs to collaborate with my team members to producing the show, to accepting to be called for the live European premiere radio show! (first time that I use Skype for a live radio talk.)

I made podcasts before using audacity and podomatic to use for teaching English to my students, by that I mean recording, editing and sharing. However, I didn’t pay much attention to the quality of my makes…

After people from ds106 joining and leaving the team, Sandy, Karen, and me started to collaborate. Sandy proposed to be the host of the show, and she would interview Karen because they were teaching in the same school. As for me, I talked about dreams as they were perceived from my cultural perspective, not so interesting as it was so short. It was short not because I didn’t have what to say…but because of the delicacy of cultural issues and people judgements!

What I gained from the project as a whole was to walk out from my comfort zone towards opening up to the others in ds106… Learning skills that transformed me literally from a mere consumer to a creator, though there’s still a lot to learn…

The biggest challenge was to finish on time for the premiere.  Besides there’s also the distance obstacle and I mean our different time zones as I was in Tunisia and Sandy in Oregon, it was difficult to work synchronously. Another challenge is a technical one, how to  make my bumper, commercial, and my talk, how would that be in the norms of the topic and the theme… I knew that in ds106 there are helpful people, but I was embarassed to ask questions that might seem ABCs, since the course is rather for advanced skilled learners.


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I'm a connected tech savvy English language teacher
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