Headless ds106 Week 9: Stories in/of the Web

I participated in Mozilla Webmaker and I learned using hackasaurus toolkit, this summer. For this assignment, Headless ds106 Week 9: Stories in/of the web, I decided to share my Nobel Prize with you ds106ers… Believe it or not, I’m the winner of the newly created Nobel Prize for Creativity, and this is thanks to the wonderful mozilla X-Ray Goggles…have a look and ignite your creativity to win the prize

Modified web page with X-ray Goggles

Modified Web Page Using X-ray Goggles

I used Gimp for screen capture and Fotor to crop the images and both are used offline

The Nobel Prize for Creativity “fake” webpage http://p.webremixes.org/mnhzlpdt

For the process of using the X-ray goggles,  I had added the app to my toolbar, then I logged in to The Nobelprize.org   and modified  the title of the article, and added an image of me holding a Barbabright from the Barbapapa family and a certificate that I earned for attending a workshop about being “The Adaptable Teacher”. As X-ray goggles enables it’s users to modify content of a webpage in addition to titles and images, I could hack the page content and modify the text to add my name and other facts… That’s not all, getting a prize that doesn’t exist in life and on the webpage wouldn’t be good for my image…so I added the prize that I pretend winning  to the sidebar containing the list of all the Nobel Prizes and voilà


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I'm a connected tech savvy English language teacher
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