What we are is a Collage of the StoriesWe Bear With us…

what we are is a collage of the stories we bear with us...

Headless ds106 Week 5: Telling Stories in Photos

Heading to El Gasr (the Castle)… my gradparents former residence.

el Gasr Dawn LightLofty still on the top of the hill, no body lives in, for nearly more than half a century.


That castle (el Gasr) stood against all odds, maybe to tell you  history-(his)story… For now my kids and I are going to enjoy ourselves there, to embrace nature…

view el Gasr Vintage

…And I’ll  tell my kids about their ancestors, about where they lived, the style of life they led, and the battles they fought all along our way!

We went there so many times, but it’s the first time we venture on a walk through the bushes…

wet path_ effect fudge sundae

As I was tense , I preferred to be behind and let my husband lead the way with the kids, I gave in to my hobby, taking shots, to eternalize our adventure!

snake Lomo effect

It seems that our presence disturbed a snake, which appeared right under my daughter’s feet crossing our way, seemingly calling us names and describing us as intruders. Nevertheless and despite my mixed feelings I had the impulse to take a photo of this moment … I anticipated his movements and got my best shot in two snaps! I kept pressing the botton as paparazzis do at the sight of a star! That day, the snake was the star at least for my kids who saw one ‘live’ for the first time in their lives…


The path stops a few meters ahead. My husband, still leading, wanted to climb and see the view from the top. With the girls, my daughter and my niece in law, decided not to follow him, however, my son refused and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, thus acting bravely- according to his reasoning- he wanted to prove  manly in front of his sister and cousin. That nature it seems…

radwen et lyes

From the top, my husband and Lyes (my son’s name) could see the plain down there… So we switched roles and he took that snapshot of the plain, and trees.

explorators_angel's kiss effect

I like this picture because it has different view from the top, the contrast of the green colour, giving to the picture different layers.

Before going back home,  the kids had a bath in the wheat field, my youngest kids are almost covered with the plants!
el Gasr sh3ir_cropped f1.4Fotor

A last snap before we go…
El Gasr view

…to remind me of nature’s peace, of the great time we spent there… A snap that I could resort to when I’m nostalgic… hopefully that I took this shot with the forest in background, because if go there you won’t find it anymore or at least before a few years! Because not so long, a fire burnt most of it ;( !

You can view all my photos in  flickr .   Those posted for this assignment were modified with Fotor for windows since the options in my blackberry playbook are very limited. Fotor is really easy to use, and perfect for storytelling!


4 Responses to Assignments

  1. Beautiful dreamy photos that fit the feel of walking in another world. A wonderful place for a walk. Makes mw wonder about your family history too.

    • haymajd says:

      Thank you John Johnston for reading and commenting, indeed, Nature and greeness seem to be of another world, nowadays…May be I’ll tell the history of my family in another assignment…

  2. mdvfunes says:

    I love the collage at the start – what did you use to make it. It really gives the post a lovely flavour. I am realising how much the way we choose to display our photos matters. I had never thought about it until we started visual week and I found myself wanting to see isolated photos in Gplus put together in a gallery to view. Really lovely story about your life. #talkingheadless106

  3. haymajd says:

    Fotor…I discovered it yesterday. It has a lot of options, free to download on windows. It enables you to choose either to edit your photos or make a collage. After editing my photos I collected the photos, that I used for the post in a collage. They are displayed is freestyle ; you choose a background design. Once you chose your background, you start dragging you photos into the background and you adjust your pic by rotating it, adjusting width, shadow, opacity. You can also modify the size of your photos. What’s great is that Fotor enables you to work offline, and then share your pictures directly to flickr, facebook, or twitter and save them into your computer!
    It’s very simple to use 😉

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